Vice and Virtue: Lust and Chastity Picture

This is the first in a series I've created-using Azaleas Dolls' Goddess Creator.

Now, though I am not a religious person I do know a little but about Christian catchism. I've always known there were "Seven Deadly Sins," but what I didn't know is that there are also "Seven Heavenly Virtues" the anti-thesis' to these sins. So I decided to do a little series involving the Sins (or Vices) and Virtues, and here's the first of them.

First up is Lust and Chastity:

Lust, also known as Luxuria in Latin I designed with everything in mind that makes people think is attractive, sexy..basically anything that inspires people to do the horizontal mambo. Luxuria has long flowing Auburn hair, pouty lips with dark red lip stick, and a bright red rose in her hair. Her clothing is....minimal, because as any stripper can tell you nothing inspire Lust more, than bare skin. And last but not least she has an apple, going with the Christian "mythology" apples represent temptation; a feeling often closely associated with Lust. Fiery and tempting she is a Goddess of Earthly Desire. Lucretia; Goddess of Lust.

Chastity, Latin name Castitas, she has pale skin, short curly hair, freckles, blue eyes; the picture of innocence. Not to mention she is decked out in all pink, revealing as little skin as possible, and of course there is the heart. This one has my own meaning to it; Chastity holds a heart, because she is looking for that one special person to give it to and in turn, herself. Chaste and beautiful she is one of the Seven Ladies of Virtue. Cassia; Goddess of Chastity.
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