Hera Picture

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For my greek mythology project on Artemis, I needed a jealous Hera and here she is.
So the legend goes:

In the country of Greece, there was a lovely goddess by the name of Leto. She was a lovely being. Bright and hidden as her name said.
Zeus had seen her beauty and was immediately enraptured by her presence. He seduced the goddess and she became pregnant with his children, a pair of twins.
However, a horrible wrath fell upon the pair.
Zues's wife, Hera was grievously jealous of the maid that had stolen her husband’s heart
She forbade Leto from giving birth to her children on land and on any island in the seas.
Leto then gave birth to a pair of twins Artemis and Apollo on the floating island of Delos. Delos was not any terra firma and so was not under Hera's rule.
And it was here two children a god and goddess were born.

Maybe, I will do an Artemis and Apollo one soon.
I was too lazy to draw the image and so used a base. Don't take a page from me about being lazy.
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