Leto Latona Picture

-May scrap later if I color it-

8D My new character for a story that I'm probably never going to finish: Leto Latona, named after the titaness, Leto, mother of Apollo and Artemis. 8D

Leto kind of... Died when she was 23, and was revived 3 years later as a "Demon Tracker" at the age of 25, given a new look, new name(her real name was Elizabeth Rizen), and a new partner, Apollo. Apollo is a cat, a Fire Cat as she calls him because he can control fire, and he was trained to fight and only those who have died and those who work for the dead or god(s) can understand what he saying. In other words, he basically speaks their vernacular. But to the living, it's only a series of meows and purrs and growls. Demons can also understand Apollo.

Leto Latona and all the other stuff pertaining to her and this info here (c) me
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