DP - Ugh Boys Picture

Why did I list this in digital art when the drawing is traditionally drawn and colored? Because a lot of digital enhancements went into getting this together. I didn't feel it was right to make it traditional with all the copy, paste, brushing that I did to this to get it right.

AND, the photo is credited to Davidlat on sxc.hu

This is my realistic versions of Tucker Folley, Sam Manson, and Danny Fenton. Sam's reading the two boys information, about some ghost they're hunting, from a mythology book. She looks up to notice neither one are paying attention to what she's reading. She asks "What are you two looking-" she looks across the room and who does she see her two male companions zoned out over? Paulina. "at.. oh. Ugh, boys ," she growls.

I really love how this came out, especially seeing I drew this without any references (which is why the chairs and table look a bit off (oh yeah, I really screwed up Tucker's chair but oh well). Where is the other drawstring to Tucker's hoodie? It got flipped over his shoulder (all my hoodie's have this problem from time to time). In my mind, I could see Danny looking a bit like Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars, and I think he ended up a little like that (again without references because I was watching 'Boxed up Fury' while I drew). Sexy red converse Chucks! No wonder Sam likes Danny, he's a alternative rocker on the inside.

Danny Fenton, Sam Manson, Tucker Folley from Danny Phantom (C) Butch Hartman

Realistic version (this one at least) is mine.

Library photo (C) Davidlat at sxc.hu
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