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Edit: Changed her jacket. I think this one is better but if there's more support for the old one I'll bring it back.

HOKAY I decided to just turn on my desktop and get this sheet (and the next one) over with. D:< (didn't even start the other sheet today tho lolololol)

Anyway this was another ridiculous design overhaul.

Leto is a Part II character and one of the BSB mechanics (why do I have this thing for female mechanics wtf). Like all BSB members she's trained to fight, but she's more of a minuteman than anything else. Garret is her immediate superior, and if he has to take a squad out or something she's usually one of the people in it. Her specialty is thermodynamics and pyrotechnics, and as such she has designed several weapons used exclusively by the BSB. She's self-reliant and butch, but she has a soft side and cares a lot for the people close to her (Especially Garret ufufufufu). Making her mad is not advised. She will put a wrench to your head. She’s also well-versed in Greek mythology and can pick out all the constellations, despite spending the first ten years of her life in the nearby BioDome.

Design rants lalalala
I was generally unhappy with her original (nonsensical) design, so I scrapped all of it. Since she is of Greek descent, I turned to Hetalia's Greece for inspiration for hair and eye color--that's also where her curly things come from. (Then the Black and White heroes were revealed and I was like "ffffffffffff"). Her "normal" outfit was kinda obviously inspired by Winry, but I couldn't think of another "mechanic-y" outfit.

As for her battle outfit, I'm still not sure I'm happy with it--it looks a bit mismatched and I may scrap it if I get substantial negative feedback.

Leto (c) me
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