Artemis Picture

(Art ©2010 Sarah René Straub. Do not copy or use without my permission.)

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Artemis Agrotera, or "Artemis of The Wild Land", was the Greek Goddess of The Moon, The Hunt, protector of womanhood, symbol of chastity, and guardian of childbirth. As the daughter of Zeus and Leto, she was so capable and independent upon birth she even helped in the birth of her twin brother, Apollo of The Sun. Afterward, she came to ask her father Zeus for her own freedom from marriage and bade him give her a land of her own over which to rule. Her land, bow, hunting dogs, animal game, servants, and all else in her estate were obtained from various god through the art of asking. It was for this reason Artemis became known as a self-made Goddess and was for a time with this print a symbol of my initial journey into the uncertain world of freelance illustration.

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