Leto Picture

This is the first character I've ever designed for myself. She's kind of a fursona i guess, but she's just a personal character that represents me. My favorite colors are red, purple, black, and silver, so i incorporated those into her. I love feline and reptilian designs, so i tried to make her a bit of both. I love fluffy fur too. I might just give her wings later on. Her slim body shape makes her really fast and nimble.

Her name is Greek for "the hidden one". I love greek names too. It was a toss up between Greek and Norse mythology, which i love equally. This name fit her best though. I wanted to give her a name that was close to my user name. It kind of stems from the unknown of the imagination and the secret window inside. i can't even really explain it, but i didn't really want to name her Secret either so, Leto it was.

She's six feet at the shoulder and quite long.

I've created a species from her, please check them out!! secretwindow11.deviantart.com/…
Coat: Medium
Color-Line: Semi-Bold
Marking: Silverfish
Breed Variations: 2
Rarity: Common

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