Leto Picture

This is Leto, the leader of Team Lorax. Hence the sunglasses-wearing Lorax on the flag tied around her waist.

Her family is from America but they followed a Greek religion (Her name comes from Greek mythology). She's now agnostic.

Leto is self-reliant and a little bossy, but she has a soft side and cares a lot for the other members. She's a very sharp shot and good mechanic. Making her mad is not advised. She will put a wrench to your head.

The reason she wears the team flag around her waist is because all leaders are required to wear identifying jumpsuits, but she doesn't like how exposed she feels when wearing just it, so there you have it.

Leto was inspired by Winry from FMA and Yoko from TTGL. Her theme song is "Tomorrow" by Shimokawa Mikuni.

Leto (c) Me
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