Praesepe Of Cancer Picture

This is an OC. Praesepe is the Sign of Cancer. She may have the most complicated background of all my characters. Probably because I find Cancer to have such and interesting mythology behind it. And it might be difficult to tell, but those red patches are exoskeleton shells, similar to that of a crustacean. It covers her shoulder in fragments and completely covers her breasts and shoulder blades.

From the earliest she can remember, she was being cared for by her guardian, Hydra, in a cabin beside the lake of Lerna. That was until Hydra was silently murdered in her sleep by Heracles, as Praesepe laid next to her. Of course, traumatized, Praesepe lived outside the cabin for who knows how long, until Hamal found her there. He took her up and raised her along with Rex. Rex became a dear friend to her and helped her grow out of her trauma somewhat.

Praesepe, calls herself a knight, and swears her loyalty to Rex, her king. She fights with a one-edged sword, tending to strike with the blunt edge rather than the actual blade (out of an understandable fear of blood.

Her background gets a little more complex as the whole story develops, so I won't reveal everything about her yet.
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