Lerna's Hydra Picture

I would never, ever, ever even DREAM of cutting Hydra from Tyrantis's Saga. He was with Tyrantis since their mutual conception, back when Tyrantis had Godzilla fins and Hydra's body was completely blue (with red rattler and green python heads). Hydra holds nearly as large a space in my heart.

Since Kraydi and Sobek are getting cut (Sobek's old roles will probably be filled by Spinotitan), Hydra is getting more time to shine in this new version of the Saga. I didn't change his design too much from the last version, but you have to admit that the pose is kick ass.

Fun side note: Hydra gave Dr. Lerna, the most developed human character in the saga, her name. This was back when Dr. Lerna was male, in fact. Originally Hydra was going to have his own short story that would tie in with Tyrantis's (I've always imagined Hydra as the Rodan to Tyrantis's Godzilla), and was the out of control creation of Dr. Lerna. In Mythology, the actual Hydra lived in Learna, thus the name. Isn't mythology fun?

Three versions of MechaTyrantis next.
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