Miina Picture

Another original character.

So in this particular story (separate from the story of Leander and Alessandra), every human that dies goes to Hell. Then they get their "morals" or whatever judged by the Jury... kind of like the concept of afterlife in Egyptian mythology. If they're nice, they're given certain options that I won't describe right now... if they're naughty, the Jury returns them to earth as a vampire as a punishment... there, the reincarnation, due to its anti-social habits, are forced to live life in almost complete solitude and resentment, and supposedly, they can never die.

There are details about this transformation that make it make more sense with the interactions between humans and vampires... but I won't dive into that. Anyway, this is basically a "before and after" shot. Her vampire name is Miina, and in the story, we (meaning you) never actually know her real name.

I'm proud of myself on this one. <3
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