Hero and Leander Retold -1- Picture

If you don't know the ancient myth of Hero and Leander, it goes a little something like: this girl Hero lived in a tower and held a torch for Leander, who would swim across the channel every night to bring her some sweet, sweet lovin'. One night, a storm kicked up and Leander drowned trying to get to Hero. The next day Hero looked down from the tower and saw Leander's lifeless body washed up on the rocks. In her grief, she chucked herself down there to be with him.

I thought that was a sh*t-tastic story, so I changed it. By adding a hot merman. LOGICALLY.

Mer-MAN, Pop!

[I know I handled the text a little clumsily, but I wanted it to be legible...and yeah, there is some bad anatomy in that last panel there]
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