Kerberos Picture

Kerberos, Cerberus, a loyal guardian of the gates of the Underworld in service of Hades. He eats living flesh and makes sure souls that enter
do not leave. He is described as having from one to two heads, a thick main of snakes and a snake's tail and lion's paws. He is the child of a Typhon and an Echydna
and Heracles was asked to subdue him with out using weapons only his bare hands. This was during the time Hera drove him mad and made him kill his own kids.
This task was for him to earn absolution for his crime. He isn't really evil nor good he is just a loyal gatekeeper. Sorry if I don't include all the Hellenic and grecco-roman stories he is mentioned in. I might draw the hydra and others since I've neglected the Greek folder in my gallery.
he was a good boy posing for me , yes he was hes a good boy yes he is <3
btw hes a Molossian/ Mastiff /echydna/ chymera/ serpent mix. anyone want puppies? he's been a busy boy

Paintings I made related to him:

Echydna (mother):

Typhon ( father):

Chimera, Lernaean Hydra, Nemean Lion, the gorgon ( Medusa's monster not her human self) Sphynx, The Harpies, Scylla, Colchian Dragon, Crommyonian Sow, Caucassian eagle and Sea serpents some of which attached a Trojan Priest named Laocoon.
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