Laocoon and his sons Picture

This was a master copy I did quite a while ago for a class project. It's simple charcoal pencils on cold press paper. It's one of my favorites but somehow I never photographed it! It's decently big but I didn't measure it. Probably something like 18x18.

The original sculpture is in the Vatican, and even if you think you've never heard of Laocoon, you've probably heard of the famous quote from his story, when Virgil says "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts." (As a warning against the Trojan horse.)

The short version of Laocoon's story is this.
He was a priest of Poseidon.
He ticked off Poseidon/Athena/Apollo (who and how depends on the story.)
Poseidon/Athena/Apollo retaliates in an over the top way, as the gods always do in mythology, by sending sea monsters to devour him and his sons.

Because this was a class project, and I was going hyper detailed, I made the choice to edit out one of the figures and really focus on making the 2 I included the best I could make them.
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