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Odysseus and Penelope had not enjoyed their union more than a year when it was interrupted by the events which called Odysseus to the Trojan war. During his long absence, and when it was doubtful whether he still lived, and highly improbable that he would ever return, Penelope was importuned by numerous suitors, from whom there seemed no refuge but in choosing one of them for her husband. Penelope, however, employed every art to gain time, still hoping for Odysseus's return. One of her arts of delay was engaging in the preparation of a robe for the funeral canopy of Laertes, her husband's father. She pledged herself to make her choice among the suitors when the robe was finished. During the day she worked at the robe, but in the night she undid the work of the day. This is the famous Penelope's web, which is used as a proverbial expression for anything which is perpetually doing but never done.
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The last one of the series. I wonder how many people are sighing of relief right now...

Mechanical pencil (graphite) and lined paper.
Effects and signature added using Photoshop 7.
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