Arkangel of Vengeance and Repentance Picture

This guy is a character I have been developing for a couple of weeks. His name is Valkyros, he is an archangel of vengeance and repentance. Some people might know that there are already quite alot of Angels of Vengeance like the 6 angels of vengeance; Gabriel, Satanael, Lucifer, Raphael, Michael and Uriel along with others like Raguel. But each of these guys enact vengeance in different and holy ways but as you have probably noticed my character's title is Arkangel, because in my world there are different deities and powers.

What I mean by Arkangel of vengeance and Repentance is like when someone wrongs another, the person who was wronged retaliates but gives the other person a chance to make up for their sins, and in this way is also merciful.

He is one of the Arkangels of God and are one celestial order above Seraphim. The other Arkangels are Manaheil, the angel of life and beauty (on the inside), Alfaheim angel of harmony and destiny, Arkhaion, Angel of the past and present and one of the oldest beings in the world, his name means Ancient one, Garahom, Angel of Justice, Mercy and fairness and Aeolus, the god of eternity, future and belief. The Arkangels are the messengers between Earth and the seven heavens.

The hierarchy for the Celestials is
SERAPHIM- Thanalos, Angel of death and the after-life, Darmonus, the judger, Harkonious,Angel of revelation, wisdom and correction, Halafiel the angel of Willpower, space and control, Azrael, the Avenger and Sabah, the aider of creation
CHERUBIN- Orphakeil, Angel of History and Orphans, Ranaleigh, Angel of Writing, education and chroniclers and Zorphiel, The Keeper of secrets.
THERAMONS- Ordan, Angel of Order and ordered chaos, Banakol, Angel of the Scriptures and holy spirit, Charonus, Angel of transition, ascension and power and Sekhloman, The recorder.
DORMINIONS- Hashmal- Chief of the worker angels.
ELEMENTALS- (these angels can incarnate inside humans as to carry out their duties, all the previous vessels are preserved and help the Elementals carry out their duties) Aeronol, angel of air, heavenly wind and gases, Parashol, angel fire, heat and fiery passion, Zephir, angel of art, music and healers, Solomon, Angel of scientists and worth, Haloshen, Angel of preists and the faithful, Khanaqua, Angel of water, liquids and musicians, Gaianos, Angel of the Earth, earthy forces, physics and stubbornness and Vinoquol, Angel of Valor, Bravery and Optimism.
CAPACITONS- Machinos, Angel of mechanisms, human ingenuity and electricity, the Vanaheim, Defenders of the universe, Ionom, Angel of ideas and birth and Phelophu, Angel of Prophecy and Philosophy
PRINCIPALS- Mentors- the angels who assist world leaders, The Guidan- the Angels who guide humans in times of need and the Municipals, the Overseers of the angels below them.
GUARDIANS- These angels are assigned to everyone when they are born and return to God when the person they are assigned to die, they record a person's deeds in life and protect them from premature deaths.

Whew, so that's the Angels of God, now to the last thing

FALLEN ANGELS- These are angels who were corrupted or turned their back on god, They are led by Satanael, or Shaytan or
Satan, more commonly known as the Devil.
The Shades
SATANAEL- Fallen Angel of Arrogance, Power and Evil
AZAZEL- Fallen Angel of Destruction
GENESIS- The Fallen Angel of Origin, revenge and darkness
WATCHERS- The Fallen Angel of Revolution, EVILution* and demons.
DIABLO- Fallen Angel of pagans, rituals and magic
LUCIFER- Fallen Angel of anger, sin and mistakes. The Accuser (can turn into a dragon)
JORMUNDAR- The Harbringer of Apocalypse and Death
MAELSTROM- Fallen Angel of Chaos, Confusion and Shadows
JANN- Controller of the Jinn, Hellfire and the Fallen Angel of Disobedience
MEPHISTOPHELES- The Ultimate Punishment, he is possessed by the spirit of Moloch, the tyrant king.
Prometheus- The unholy Creator, Abbadon-death, Azebethibou- The red Angel, Adaros-The transformer, Asmoday- The fallen angel of disabilities, Asmodeous- The foulest being, Baal- the Archdemon of shadows, Bathin- The Headless Horseman, Behemoth- Destroyer of Dreams, Leviathan- Enstrangler of the weak, Buer- Corrupted angel, the teacher of morals and ethics, Decariba- The Summoner, Berith- Unknown angel, Beleth-Tyrant King, Aligor- The Deciever, Enepsigor- the Dark Knight, Kain- Spreader of Fear, Forneas- Ruler of the monsters of the deep, Furcas- The cruel torturer, Gomory- The twister of words, Kraken- The sinker of ships, Mastema- Fallen Angel of Defence, Morax- the whisperer, Ornias- The annoying shapeshifter, Qemal- The Unkillable, Solas(corrupted)- Teacher of Astronomy, Vepar- The Siren, Wormwood- Bringer of Plagues and disease, Xapahan(imprisoned)- The one who spreads the fires of hell. There are a lot more lesser Nephilim
Grenafol- Pride
Glanascos- Gluttony
Succubon- Lust
Remora- Envy
Xeraph- Sloth
Araxan- Greed
Haxobus- Wrath
They include monsters and spirits from Alps to Zombies

So that's it, hope you liked my ideas. Will do more on this! Thank you all!
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