Zatch Bell! OC's - Emperor Zulu's Dembot Masters Picture

These are the three Dembot Masters from Chapter 16 of my Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army (remake) fan fiction (and they don't exist in my outdated storyline). Dembot Masters are very large and are much stronger than the Dembot Guardians. So far, I haven't drawn Chimerabot yet (which is a fusion of the first four Dembot Guardians).

Dembot Masters - Click on their first link for their information including special attacks and other information. Their serial number stands for "Zulu Demon Bot - Master ##." By the way, all Dembot Masters have no gender since they are merely robots (while they are normally referred to as an "it", they can still called "he" or "she" if they have a masculine or feminine personality/voice)
  • Chimerabot (ZDB-M01) - Name is based on the mythical creature Chimera, which is a mythological creature composed of various animal parts. Chimerabot, Dembot Master of Chaos, is a fusion of Yeti, Thunderbird, Kraken, and Phoenix and specializes in all elemental magic (fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, ice, light, and darkness).
  • Death Devil (ZDB-M02) - Based on the "Devil" robots from the Mega Man franchise. Death Devil is the Master of Death and he specializes in acidic/poisonous magitech abilities.
  • Obliterator (ZDB-M03) - Obliterator, Master of Destruction, is a gigantic battle tank-like droid. He uses energy-based and explosive magitech weapons and leads Dr. Zulu's Battle Dembots in Chapter 16.
Author Notes
My original antagonist Dr. Zulu and his Dembot Masters (as well as his Dembot Guardians) are indeed a Mega Man parody. Dr. Zulu is based on the Mega Man characters: Mega Man (for Dr. Zulu's Robodoruku spell) and Dr. Wily (his looks and the face they are mad scientists that created robots to dominate the world) (and you can also say that because of that, Zulu is also based on Dr. Eggman). And his Dembot Guardians/Masters are based on Robot Masters and Mavericks (corrupted Reploids) except none (besides Yeti) are humanoid. While Dembot Guardians are based on regular bosses, Dembot Masters would be considered Wily Castle/Sigma Fortress bosses.

The custom texts I used were made in I used the Lava image text for Death Devil, Gunmetal image text for Obliterator, and the Dragon image text w/ Dark Age font for Chimerabot. Character bases/tutorials/references/official arworks and other stuff for drawing these characters include:
  • Chimerabot - I used Dawn's How to Draw Anime Bodies, Draw Anime Body Figure tutorial to draw Chimerabot. Among all the Dembot Masters, drawing Chimerabot was the hardest one. It took hours to draw Chimerabot after thinking where to put the limbs of my Dembot Guardians.
  • Death Devil - A recolor of Shadow Devil's official artwork from Mega Man X5. I have adjusted the hue, saturation, and stuff but because the image was a JPG, I recolored over the low-quality parts of the coloring as much as I could. I drew the robotic cores on my own but did copy/pasting for some of them to reduce some time.
  • Obliterator - A horizontally flipped version and my own modification of the How to Draw a Military Army Tank tutorial by Dawn. I teched this tank out big time with a Titan Missile launcher, torpedo drills, headlights, shielded arms with gatling guns, and the main cannon.
Text and bases/references/tutorials: [See author notes]
Character base (Dr Zulu's head only): ©IVIental
Dr. Zulu and three Dembot Masters: ©NejiHyuga900/TDPNeji
All Mega Man references (more specifically for my Death Devil's design): ©Capcom and Keiji Inafune
Konjiki no Gash (Bell)!! / Zatch Bell!: ©Makoto Raiku

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