MK11 OCs Picture

Original Characters for my fantasy MK11 roster
None of these images are mine. I found them on google and they're only there to give some visual representation/reference for these characters.
Names, ideas, backstories and faction names are made up by me.

Top row from left to right:
01. Lifen - Chinese name meaning "beautiful fragrance". Lifen, Zumurrud and Thalaatha are triplets originally from Outworld [Outer World White Lotus - faction]
02. Buyakko - derived from the Japanese word for "white tiger", a Tigrar Shokan warrior raised and trained by Earthrealm monks at the Wu Shi Academy [Outer World White Lotus - faction]
03. Gargula - a soul trapped in a stone statue, (re)animated through a spell cast by Ashrah; named Gargula because of the resemblance to the mythical gargoyles [White Lotus Associates - faction]
04. Zaniyah - Nahuatl name meaning "forever", she's from Earthrealm, of Aztec descent, a new member of Cassie's team [Special Forces B-Unit - faction]
05. Shr Lin - title for the Head Master of the Chinese Lin Kuei, Shr Lin is the founder of the clan [Lin Kuei - faction]
06. Sei - a powerful Oneiromancer from the Dreamrealm and friend of Delia, named after a Japanese lady of the court who wrote "The Pillow Book" [Edenian's Custodians - faction]
07. Kraken - an obscure resident of the Outworld marshes, simply known as Kraken [Zaterran Legacy - faction]
08. Caillech - Old Gaelic name meaning "old hag" or "veiled one", a young lady forming a symbiotic pair with (a now fully matured) Ferra [Outworld Rebels - faction]
09. Uxmal - "three times built" or "what is to come, the future", named after the Mayan city of Uxmal [Osh-Tekk Society - faction]

Center row from left to right:
10. Joa - derived from the name of a cannibalistic demon from American Shoshonean mythology called Dzoavitz [Osh-Tekk Society - faction]
11. Coyotl - Osh-Tekk cleric and warrior, an Outworld native seemingly serving Kotal Kahn and his father [Osh-Tekk Society - faction]
12. Esh Balan'qe - Named after an Aztec deity, "star jaguar" is a prominent Osh-Tekk warrior [Feathered Serpent - faction]
13. Suelta - a female elemental from Earthrealm, her name is taken from "Nantosuelta", a Gaulish deity of fire [Black Dragon Prime - faction]
14. Thalaatha - Arabic word for "three", named so because she was the third of the triplets to be born. The android Thalaatha, Zumurrud and Lifen are triplets [Black Dragon Prime - faction]
15. Yeren - aka the Chinese Wildman, a legendary hominid from Earthrealm [Shang Tsung's Constructs - faction]
16. Ayn - a brain with a face and several large tentacles serving as a spy for Shang Tsung, its name means "eye" in Arabic [Shang Tsung's Constructs - faction]
17. Cloak - a defected Shadow Priest of Shao Kahn [Shang Tsung's Schism - faction]

You get the idea:
18. Batzorig - Mongolian name meaning "strong & courageous", a Tarkatan warlord affiliated with Baraka [Tarkatan Horde - faction]
19. Zumurrud - Arabic for "emerald", named after a character from "The Book of One Thousand and One Nights". Zumurrud, Lifen and Thalaatha are triplets [Red Dragon's Claws - faction]
20. Hylonome - Centaurian, named after a female Centaur from Greek mythology [Centaurian Soldiers - faction]
21. Zanburah - derived from the Arabic word for "hornet", she's a Kytinn Queen affiliated with D'Vorah [Katala Alliance - faction]
22. Nekronite - Zombie warrior from the City of Nekros in the Netherrealm [Servants of the Shadow - faction]
23. Bultungin - "I change myself into a hyena", named after an African were-hyena legend; Bultungin is an ancient and evil warrior from the Netherrealm [Servants of the Shadow - faction]
24. Archaeomagus - Latin word for "ancient mage", an Earthrealm magician and trickster who ended up in the Netherrealm, now serving the Brotherhood of Shadow [Servants of the Shadow - faction]
25. Fearghus - a revenant, inspired by the Festival of Death in Mortal Kombat: Conquest, Fearghus means "strong man" in Gaelic [Festival of Death - faction]
26. Lamashtu - one of Quan Chi's many female demonic enforcers, named after a Mesopotamian demon [Festival of Death - faction]
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