Zatch Bell! OC's - Emperor Zulu's Dembot Guardians Picture

Here are the four major antagonists of The Zulu Empire arc (Chapters 1115) of my Zatch Bell!/Konjiki no Gash (Bell)!! fan fiction Golden Gash!!: Demon Revolution Army, the Dembot Guardians of the Zulu Empire. Dembot Guardians (魔ボットガーディアン Ma bottogādian; Demon bot guardian, "Mamodo Bot Guardian" and "Mabot Guardian") are high-leveled Dembot (魔ボット Ma botto; Demon bot, "Mamodo Bot" and "Mabot") ranking officers created by Emperor Zulu—the former 7th Death General of the Demon Revolution Army—after the Demon Revolution Army was disbanded in Chapter 10 of GG!DRA.

Dembot Guardians - Click on their first link for their information including special attacks and other information. Their serial number stands for "Zulu Demon Bot - Guardian ##." By the way, all Dembot Guardians have no gender since they are merely robots (while they are normally referred to as an "it", they can still called "he" or "she" if they have a masculine or feminine personality/voice)
  • Yeti (ZDB-G01) - Based on the mythical creature Yeti. Yeti is the Guardian of the Earth and he uses Ice and Earth elements.
  • Thunderbird (ZDB-G02) - Based on the mythical creature Thunderbird. Thunderbird is the Guardian of the Sky and he uses Lightning and Wind elements.
  • Kraken (ZDB-G03) - Based on the mythical creature Kraken. Kraken is the Guardian of the Sea and he uses Water and Dark elements.
  • Phoenix (ZDB-G04) - Based on the mythical creature Phoenix. Phoenix is the Guardian of the Mountain and she uses Fire and Light elements.

Author Notes
My original antagonist Zulu and his Dembot Guardians are indeed a Mega Man parody. Zulu is based on the Mega Man characters: Mega Man (for Zulu's Robodoruku spell) and Dr. Wily (his looks and the face they are mad scientists that created robots to dominate the world) (and you can also say that because of that, Zulu is also based on Dr. Eggman). And his Dembot Guardians are based on Robot Masters and Mavericks (corrupted Reploids) except none (besides Yeti) are humanoid.

Also, I drew the four Dembot Guardians from SCRATCH!!! Really. While I suck at drawing humans from scratch, I actually do well drawing other things from scratch. How ironic. But the only character base I used was IVIental's Rokuro Base for Zulu's head in the background (I removed the hand from the base) and I made Zulu's layer partially transparent with his neck more transparent. I put my original Zatch Bell! antagonist Zulu in to show that these are his creations.

While I drew everything in Paint.NET, I stylized name texts in Photoshop. Tutorials I used for making those texts are:
  • Yeti - Snow effect (and I used Photoshop's Granite-graphical text (the white rocks) for snow/rocks on text)
  • Thunderbird - Lightning effect, Wind effect
  • Kraken - Water effect (no tutorial used but I used a black sea graphic and made it more bluish and it it in text, then I dropped a shadow. I was going to make a water effect through one of these tutorials and the ones I wanted to do wouldn't let me because the tutorial not longer existed or requires a premium account on another site)
  • Phoenix - Fire effect (I kept the text a white color though to make it show that Phoenix is part light-user)

UPDATE #1 (February 1, 2015, 8:04 p.m.): Added highlights to Kraken.

Character base (Zulu's head only): ©IVIental
Black sea (for Kraken's text): ©WallpaperWa (or some user that uploaded it?)
Zulu and the four Dembot Guardians: ©NejiHyuga900/TDPNeji
All Mega Man references: ©Capcom and Keiji Inafune
Konjiki no Gash (Bell)!! / Zatch Bell!: ©Makoto Raiku
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