Journal 1 -- Leviathan Picture

This is one of the pages for my myth final, the project I've been working on for a while. What I did was make a journal as if written by an ancient adventurer traveling through the world, meeting many mythological creatures along the way. Some of the pages have drawings, and I'll be scanning all of these pages.

This is the page describing him meeting the mighty Leviathan.

The writing says:
"Our ship ran into a large storm. There was no prior warning of the storm’s appearance, and the crew was completely unprepared for its wrath. I feel that the storm was not of natural origin, for as I was buffeted by wind and rain, I looked down into the briny sea and saw an enormous shape deep below. It seemed to have the shape of a large fish, but as it came closer to the surface of the water, I realized that it was far larger than any fish I had heard of before.

The crew continued to scream things about a Leviathan or a Kraken, and I soon realized that the thing below us was the legendary guardian of the seas. It breached the water directly below our ship, and as the creature broke our hull in half, I heard a sound that bored deep into my skull. The sound seemed to be too much for me, and I blacked out, only to awaken to find myself washed upon a shore, alone and wondering where I was.
I have walked away from the sea quite a ways and I am amazed at how few things in this land are living. Every tree I have come across is missing its branches and leaves, and every so often, I will pass a skeleton of a small animal. The very soil beneath me appears dead, and it has an unhealthy gray tone to it. I pray that I be led out of this land soon."
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