Diving Maid Picture

This piece was a part of an exhibition I held in Horsham, January 2008.

All the pieces were based on seafaring lore and legends and I was particularly interested in the Kraken. I also looked at the ancient mythology of mermaids, Plato's Atlantis and the superstitions of sailors.

Diving Maid is my favourite mermaid piece from the collection of four minis. The mermaid is alluring and I wanted to portray her as so. But she is also a creature of the sea and I wanted to show her in her natural environment.

I find the legends of mermaids very interesting. They date back far beyond the Bible. Mermaids are fascinating to draw and paint as well. We can take all we have learnt and studied about the female form and apply it here but there is so much room for interpretation.

Needless to say, I enjoyed creating this series of mermaids pieces.

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