Sea creatures Picture

Some notable sea creatures I made. This is like the fifth time I redesign that kraken. I just can't decide on how I want it to look.

Top left: Megalodon, huge prehistoric shark thought to be extinct since the day of the dinosaurs. This shark feeds on marine animals as big a whales!

Top right: Scylla, a sea monster who is teamed up with Charybdis as partners in crime. If you try and slink away from her you might end up in the jaws of Charybdis.

Lower left: Kraken, a gargantuan squid said to be the size of an island. Sleeps at the bottom of the northern seas until disturbed.

Lower right: Charybdis, a sea monster with a neverending thirst for water. Spits it all out three times a day. Try and slink away from it and you might get caught in Scylla's claws.
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