Abigaelle Picture

Abigaëlle d'Arundel de Condé

General director of the Fleur de Lys society

Birthday: January 18, 1989 (25 ans)
Birthplace: Rawdon, Quebec, Canada
Astrological Sign: Earth dragon
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Current Residence: Cabin away of the FdL residence and facilities but still on the domain

Gender: Female
Gender Role: Masculine most of the time
Orientation: Straight, biromantic

Blood type: O-
Weight: 163 pounds (74.9 kg)
Height: 5' 10" (177.8 cm)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color Red
Skin Tone: Ivory with freckles
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo ( Spade with an anchor, a galleon and a kraken )

Mood: Annoyed, cold, bitchy ( most of time )
Attitude: Cold with stranger and acquitance, funny and loyal with friends
Stability: Stable
Expressiveness: Hide her emotions, become cold and bitchy when hurt or sensitive
When Happy: Funny, make jokes, excessively generous
When Depressed: Listen music, take time with animals, disappear, cold like iceberg
When Angry: lvl1- Cold, lvl2- Cold with short and mean comment, 'if a look can kill', lvl3- Still polite but acid and louder, lvl4- Yell, and mean, lv5- Punch you in the face ... or throat
Strengths: Courage and loyalty, always cold-blooded
Flaws: Hard to forgive anyone, too proud
Instincts: Can act really predator-like ( no, not the sexual kind, duh )
Lures: Power, money, liberty
Soft Spot: Can't stand to see someone being rejected, or heard someone saying gothic are devil worshipper or RP make people violent or suicidal...
Cruel Streak: When being hurt or see someone mistreating animals

Hobbies/Interests: Walking in the wood, watching bird, going to the beach and searching for sea glass
Skills/Talents: Woodworking, hunting, fishing, cooking, gardening ...
Likes: Nature, food, tranquility, animals, being on a boat or near the sea, open-minded people, cats, owl, draft horse, the hour before sunrise, creepy animals and people, goth
Dislikes: Noisy weekend, close-minded and religion freak people, being IN the sea or any water, clown, superficial people, authority on her
Sense of Humor: Many, dark, dry, dirty, ironic, intelligent...
Pet Peeves: Hypocrisy, superficiality, pot-of-glue people, douchebags and jersey shore like, people in love with love, drama queen
Superstitions/Beliefs: Ghost and ghostly creatures, spirits
Dreams/Nightmares: None, black-out type of sleep
Quirks: Can be anywhere and will find a cat in the next 5 minutes
Savvy: Animals, survival in the wild, birds of Quebec, rehabilitating nervous or dangerous dogs
Can't understand: How people can think you can't live or be someone nice without believing in their god ... weird
Closet Hobby: Karaoke
Guilty Pleasure: Kraft Dinner and Coca cola zero, it's chemical and bad for health but once a month never kill anybody

Vehicle: 2012 Jeep Wrangler
Wardrobe: Jeans, tshirt and camisole
Trinkets: A ring with clover and 4 emeralds
Home: Log cabin, inside look a Cabela's catalogue ( yes with deer head over the fireplace )
Neighbourhood: John Quitich in a cabin almost a mile away
Collections: Books, bones and pelt find in the wilderness, heirloom seeds and plants, Van Gogh reproduction
Most valuable possession: Great great great grandmother British porcelain
Prized Possession: Cats and computer
Pets : 4 cats, Odin, Ceasare, Fog and Duchesse

Religion: Pagan
Motivation: Refrain her love for power, want to save the more animals she can ... maybe saving people too ?
Political Party: Democrat if she was american, hate anything around the Conservative
Etiquette: Can have really good matters like she can act like a pig
Culture: French Canadian and yes, swear a lot but is really polite with stranger and professional relation, but don't fit well with other frenchies
Influences: Influence Emily to be more strong and stop crying at every problems, influenced by John to be more calm and sociable
Traditions: Hate Christmas, love Halloween for the liberty it give, don't follow many traditions ( Going to orchard in fall and celebrate harvest by a festival of canning lol )
Superstitions: "If I love someone, I will be blind by love, I don't want to love anyone enough for that, never"

Favourite colour: Green
Favorite Animals: Cat and whale
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Centaur
Favorite Places: Gaspesia or Ireland
Favorite Landmarks: Naturals ones, like Rocher Percé
Favorite Flavors: Pina Colada or mango
Favorite Foods: Thai and Cambodian food, seafood, cheese and red meat
Favorite Drinks: A big iced cappuccino with an extra expresso in please !
Favorite Characters: Brave
Favorite Books: Magic kingdom for sale, Harry Potter serie
Favorite Movies: Anything from Studio Ghibli or Tim Burton
Favorite Games: Red Dead Redemption, Minecraft
Favorite Shows: Dead like me
Favorite Music: Many
Favorite Songs: She wolf - David Guetta ft. Sia
Favorite Sports: Jousting !
Favorite Stores:Cabela's, plant nursery...
Favorite Websites: Etsy

Least Favorite Colors: Pink
Least Favorite Animals: bear, coyote, raccoon ...
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: Unicorn
Least Favorite Places: Big City
Favorite Landmarks: Eiffel Tower, look like an electric pole
Least Favorite Flavors: Black licorice
Least Favorite Foods: Tofu and overly transformed or fake ( taste-like ) food
Least Favorite Drinks: Strong alcohol
Least Favorite Characters: Barbie, most of Disney's princesses ( Omg, I need a man to be happy ! Stupid bitch )
Least Favorite Books: Twilight ( see the previous answer for explanation )
Least Favorite Movies: Stupid romantic movie
Least Favorite Games: FPS
Least Favorite Shows: Jersey Shore, 16 years and pregnant or any "let give some attention to stupid ass" show
Least Favorite Music: Annoying electronic music


I can't draw work on digital media right now but I can still do traditional.

I use that ressource when I need some help : Big-Ass Character Sheet (Updating)
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