Tunjera - Sky God Beast Picture

(Sky God Beast)

Meet the king of the god beasts and the ruler of the skies. With a wingspan of 15 metres, they are the largest flying life forms of Tunjera. The green color of their skin allows them to mesh in cloudy skies and hunt down their prey. Dracodyne-X can remain airborn for days thanks to:
1. The lighter gravity of Tunjera
2. The membrane of their wings that act like solar panels and absorb energy to give them more power. Despite the color however, the wings do not contain chlorophyll.

Although they can flap their four wings, Dracodyne-X's primary method of propulsion is the single center propeller like organ on its chest. Powered by a powerful turbo engine, it spins fast enough for the animal to fly faster than any other known life form of the Foidart universe. Its five eyes are specially equipped to to absorb images fast enough for its brain to process without overloading. Their angles also allow the animal to see all around it. Such vision is necessary because even they are hunted by the Mountain God Beasts and the Deities.

Speaking of hunting, these flyers have a unique but disturbingly familiar weapon. A shotgun like organ located on the tip of their tail right after the sail. The tail supports two glands with individual chemicals that react together to create an acid when mixed. The acid is fired at the prey at bullet speed who at least can suffer an instant death if hit. When the prey is killed, it simply lands and feasts, capable of walking on its four legs. The wing membrane is very flexible and is kept sturdy thanks to an electric pulse. The chemicals are absorbed from two different species of animals that it eats.

Dracodyne-X typically hunts at dawn when animals are more tired. Even if the sky turns dark fast in some areas, it is capable of lighting the ground thanks to lamps on its chest. The price of using those organs is more energy and the risk of revealing its position. Dracodyne-X is also slow once landed and is vulnerable to be attacked. The propeller takes time reach full power. But the sail on the tail also has a poisonous stinger for protection. The venom acts like a virus that corrupts the programming of predators and causes them to malfunction for a short period of time. Surprisingly, it does not affect humans.

The tentacles on the animal's head also have a thin skin membrane in between them that acts like a windshield and protect the delicate eyes from dust.

"As you may have guessed, Dracodyne-X is based on the Winged Beast from 9. But it also has elements of a special mythological creature I often admired as a kid: dragons. I had many coloring books or episodes of various cartoons where dragons were portrayed with spotted bodies. The truth is, I listened to old cassettes while drawing this, so I was experiencing nostalgia the entire time."

The spore version of this creature can be found here: oh wait, there isn't one.

'Cause she's so high...
High above me, she's so lovely
She's so high...
Like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite
She's so high...
High above me

-Tal Bachman

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