Worlds Collide: Legendaria Picture

A random arrays of pieces of one map inspired this. I'll definitely be shredding up maps and putting them together randomly for more inspirations.

Note that the Worlds Collide series are a life-long project of mine to create countless universes and worlds that all will (hopefully) come together. It's more so a place for me to share my imaginations at work.
Legendaria is just a temporary name I given to the world shown in this map, I honestly just want to make a map when I start this. I love cartography of this sort.

If you went ahead and read through the entire explanation of this map, I thank you for been so patient. I try my best to summarize them.
Now to explain this map:

Prognitoria is the homeland of the oldest empire in Legendaria, and the birthplace of the common man. Think of it as Europe, a continent that was the center of human history for millenniums. The name come from Progenitor, which is Latin for "Founder of a family".
Prognitoria's largest and most powerful city is the capital Domedra. Home to the governing power of Prognitoria and the royal family. Domedra is a combination of Latin words for "home to the throne".

Panaria is one of the larger islands that support the continent and empire of Prognitoria with their abundance of agricultural resources. Panaria is "breadbasket" in Latin.

Quadrivium is Latin for "Crossroad" and is considered the heart of the world. A movement for independence from the Prognitoria and the royal family surged the land here.

Damnolia is the "Land of the Condemned/ Exiled". Think of it as Australia during the height of the British Empire, when much of the criminals around the world are dumped here. No one know for sure what is inside and beyond this ghastly land, only that exiled bandits and criminals run wild without the authority. A gigantic wall was constructed to keep the exiles out and the people in called the Darvaza Wall, or "Gateway to Hell".

Dreadland is probably the one true Hell on earth, within this realm nature does not work the way it usually is. The clouds are always storming and the air toxic, volcanic mountains spew lava that formed into gigantic lakes. Unknown beasts and monsters roam this world freely. In the center is Mount Moortis, or "Mountain of the Dead", the largest volcano that is rumored to be the resting place of a god that can destroy Legendaria when he woke from his slumber.

Defendor is a mysterious land inhabited by otherworldly beings that resembled humans. Defendor is a safe haven and shelter in Latin. The numerous races that live in this land isolate themselves from human interactions, prefer to stay out of the cycle of human history that is destruction.
Rarely does anyone live to set foot here and return. The coasts of Defendor is protected by one colossal Kraken that hunt the seas for any ships that come to close to its hunting ground.

Clageria is the lands to the south, inhabited by numerous war-like tribes united under a council. Been a warrior-class society, Clagerians are surprisingly peace-minded and follow a strict Warrior's Codex. Clageria is in a long term alliance with Augerra across the Fidelis Strait. The Fidelis Strait is named so in honor of the two's alliance and faithfulness in each other. A mountain range lies to the extreme south of Clageria that is so high and steep no one had suceed in scaling over it and seeing what is behind the mountain peaks.

Augerra, or "Golden Land" is the center of trades in Legendaria. Augerra is like Istanbul (Constantinople) during its height, when almost every nations in the world at the time make trades and exchanges there, supported by the Silk Road to and from China. As mentioned before, Augerra hold a long lasting alliance with Clageria. The war tribes of Clageria often protect the Augerra in exchange for goods and resources.

Feral Land is a mostly unexplored continent, like South America or the Pacific during the Age of Exploration. Wild, hostile cannibalistic natives among other unimaginable terrors inhabit the land and frequently kept any explorers away from getting inland. Rumors of a very advanced civilization that possess vast riches lies in the middle of the conitnent.

Stormwall Sea is a part of the ocean that is covered in massive storms year round, not one single ship had made their way through it and survive. Rumors and tales told by sailors that ventured into Stormwall and barely escape describe one single tall tower of metallic material standing in the middle of the storm reaching far above the sky.

Sea of Illusion is a mysterious ocean usually shrouded in fogs. Ships only travel by the coasts and those that venture to the open sea usually never returned. Sometime, ships will return without anyone on board.

North of the Sea of Illusion is the Drifting Isles, a series of islands that had yet to be confirmed to be real. Numerous tales had confirmed the islands exist, but whenever anyone return to the exact location of one of these islands, they are never there. Rarer tales told of the islands actually moving through the water and even floating in air. Some believed the Isles are all colossal sea monsters that dwell within the sea.

Acheron, Lethe, Phlegethon, and Cocytus are all ocean that leave Legendaria to the Great Unknown. They are named after four of the five rivers that flow through Hades, the Greek underworld of the dead.

Tartarus Isle is an island at the mouth of Acheron, no one had dared to set foot on the island for it is believed to be the prison for a group of gods that aimed to destroy Legendaria. Witnesses that pass by the island had told of the mountain on the island been covered in lightning bolts that strike out at something on the summit, where screeches and screams so loud that rocked the island itself originated. Tartarus is of course the Greek mythical prison for the Titans.

Elysium is an island believed to be a mausoleum of a sort for the best heroes of Legendaria. The island is always covered in fog and anyone that try to navigate through will find themselves at the nearest coasts of Prognitoria.
Elysium is also the place in Greek Mythology where the heroes and people chosen by the gods rest once they died.

WOW, that was a loooong explanation.
Well, I hope you enjoy my map, sorry if you can't read my poor handwriting, I should try and fix that if needed.

ALSO: Feel free to use the map, world, places, anything in it for whatever you wish to do. Just please credit me and have a link in description that direct back to this map. Thanks.

As always, cheers!~
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