Pegasus [Anthro Sketch] Picture


"The graceful and beautiful pegasus has captured the imaginations of artists and storytellers since antiquity. In Greek mythology Pegasus was the name of only one of a team of flying horses including Zephyr, but has come to identify all flying horses. Pegasus was ridden by the hero Bellerophon to slay the chimera, and Perseus to destroy the kraken. During the renaissance, the pegasus was associated with artists and poets as the messenger of the muses. The pegasus has always been a symbol of speed, courage and divine power throughout history. Today its likeness appears in logos and advertisements to imply such characteristics.

Related to other winged creatures such as the hippogriff and the griffin, the pegasus was known as the faithful steed of brave knights and daring heroes. The divine power and grace of its riders was reflected by the creature."

from Dracopedia: The Bestiary, by William O'Connor, pp. 94-97 (pub. 2013)


First off, I deviated from tradition, making this mobile on its two hind legs. It was a return to familiarity with Greek mythology. The biggest challenge for this drawing was posing, unquestionably. I figured out an approach to this drawing, and things worked. More specifically, I worked on getting this not to look like Pegasus from Hercules. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to properly anthropomorphize this creature. I'm pretty pleased with the results and when I get the time, this one is definitely going digital, much like the others in this series. It was another fun sketch to make. I am willing to take and draw the rest of these creatures in the book as anthropomorphics... Except for the vampire. Because vampires suck.


I watched Seventh Son tonight on DVD and the CGI in that movie was fantastic. It's a bit of a surprise to see that Jeff Bridges still kicks some ass considering how old he is. My girlfriend couldn't stop ogling the lead actor, not surprisingly. I was more impressed by how Julianne Moore pulled off being the villain and the most polarizing character in the movie. Did I mention that the CGI was fantastic?

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