Captain Ryder the Hedgehog Picture

Name: Ryder

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Weapons and Abilities: A very strong swordsman and pirate captain.Always looking for the best way to finish a fight: By cheating.He's a pirate!What did you expect?

Captain Ryder was born into a very poor family, so when he was young he had to always fend on his own, and steal most times to survive.It was until his mother's death that he realized that the world was a cruel place, and to get what he wanted, he would have to take what he needed and wanted by force, so his father told him.After his father died he went off on his own at the age of only 14.From there he became a young street rat, and had to steal to live on the streets.When he was old enough he joined a pirate crew, but it wasn't all that he thought it was cracked up to be.though he was miserable most of the time, he kept telling himself that he would have ship of his own, and a crew of his own, very soon.Years later, here he is, with his ship The Raven, plundering and stealing everything he or his crew desired.And he wouldn't let anyone get in the way of it.

How did he meet Alex and the others you ask?Well, one hot summer day, on one of the beaches in what I like to call Mobious America (Lol) Alex, Danny, Jason, and Faye have found a nice quiet spot, far from anyone that can identify Jason as the 'White Wolf' that he's become to be.Suddenly, Ace attacks!With what looks like another machine he built with Dr.Eggman's help.In exchange for this robot, he trades dark matter energy to Eggman, which Eggy uses to power some of his bigger robots.Alex defeats the robot on her own, but gets flung out into the open ocean when it explodes.This is where Ryder comes in.They fish her out of the water, and wake her up using 'mouth to mouth' as it were
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