Cat Fight and Levi Betta Picture

A deviation to stay a deviation. 'Cause i like it
Top: While at a friend house, after we finished watching a show, a "Girls Gone WILD!" commercial came on. I forget what lead to it, but one friend said "Cats Gone WILD!" followed by "You've never seen pussy like this before!!"
Just truly highlarious. So i drew it. The End.
I give credit to him for thinking it up.

Bottom: My mind has gone back to my desine for the ocean dwelling ship devourer of mythology called the Leviathan. Its 9 hundred ft long with 3 hundred eyes, if i remember right (So can kick your Kraken's ass Mr. Octopus Man! Haha!). Thanks to the recent "Pirates..." movie. I haven't drawn that beast since my origional concept sometime in 2004. I i decided to mame my old boy betta after this guy. He acts much bigger than he really is.

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