Leviathan Concept A Picture

Creative title rite
Okay but no, despite me returning from my hiatus a few days back, I am only JUST NOW getting into drawing again. I've been playing around with brushes and styles. This turns out to be my favorite thus far uwu

*AHEM* Anywho, this is one of the four princes in Equinox, Leviathan. He is the prince of Lust and Greed, ruler of the Sirens, the Incubi, and the Succubi and all of their variations. He has dominion over the element of water and is known as Hell's Serpent for his cold blooded yet sly mannerisms, and well, the fact that he can turn into "The Leviathan"; the giant water serpent. He can also control the kraken and it is his favorite pet.
His segmented blade is like a really thick box cutter. If part of it becomes dull or rusted, he breaks off the segment then wala, blade is as good as new, just shorter. He has more of a range (obviously) when his blade his long, but he becomes quicker and more agile as the segments get broken off. The runes WILL read, from longest to shortest: ( "Cattle" - "Almost there" - "Damn you're good" ).

Doot doo rendition of the mythological "Four Princes of Hell"
Otherwise Character / Art is mine woop woop
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