Leviathan line art Picture

An old design idea that has run through my head for a million different things.

Originally I had an idea like this for a plesiosaur/mosasaur fighter for Primal Rage.

Then an idea for a turtle combatant for a King of the Monsters sequel.

Then it became an idea for a combatant for a scrapped Mugen mod I was going to do. Basically an idea surrounding a 2D fighter in which mythological creatures like Leviathan, Moshup, Garuda, and Kraken duke it out. Had a pretty small roster.

I'm sort of revisiting the video game idea, though my ability to program is so bad I don't think I'll ever actually make a game out of it.

But the prospect is fun.

The design is inspired by a lot of things-- mostly playing with the idea of combining design aspects of monster hunter monsters with classic monsters like Harryhausen beasties.

This Levaiathan is the culmination of many aquatic reptiles, including turtles, crocodiles, and even ancient marine reptiles like Mosasaur and such.

I'll post more about him on my alternate account, including a colored version of this drawing exclusive to that userman.

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