Line Animation Picture

Time: 5 hours, one sitting
Running: 9 seconds
FPS: 25
Drawings: 124
Medium: Artline 210(0.6), B4 animation sheets, crudely constructed lightbox
Theme: Mythology

No pencil guides. Not enough time <_< >_> Directly done in pen. Monkey god, Kraken, Dude from an egg, Basilisk. Part of a project of a class of 22, each required to submit a minimum of 62 drawings; 5 seconds. I was #20.

Converted to WMV from AVI then to SWF. It is not done in FlashMX. Each frame was captured using a program called FlipBook. dA did not allow SWF in the Pencil Test category, so I had to submit it into this category.

You need to right-click and check 'loop' first, then ' play' every other time to make it play. It doesn't loop.
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