085. Krakugg Picture

The hugging pokemon
Type: Water
Level: 40
Bio: Krakugg are often at the scene of shipwrecks. Only wanting to be friends, they'll cling onto ships and crush them by accident. They're possibly the largest pokemon, exceeding a Wailord in size comparison. It is very rare to see a violent Krakugg.

Evolves from Cuddlish after it levels up to lvl. 40 and a waterstone is used on it.

Name is derived from the mythological creature "The Kraken" and "Hug".


((Big Hug/Thick Fat//Sheer Force))
HP: 110
ATK: 95
DEF: 120
SpA: 45
SpD: 110
SPE: 40
Total: 520

Big Hug: If Krakugg lands a contact move, the opponent cannot switch out

via~colourcodedchaos [link]
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