The Thing that should not be Picture

Legendary time! I've decided that my legendary shall be based on norse mythology. So this is the Kraken. A legendary giant squid that destroys ships. The title commes from the song "The Thing that should not be" by Metallica. The song is about the Thing that should not be which is the beast Cthulhu, which is based on the Kraken.

More info about Kraken: [link]

Kratulu (Needs a better name)

Giant Squid Pokemon
Water Dark

"Below the surface of the sea so deep
Lays the beast in it's dreamless sleep
It has lain there for ages, and there shall it stay
But once the end is here, it shall surface and then we has to pay."

The bio is accually a remade version (by me) of the sonnet "The Kraken" by Alfred Tennyson. The arrowhead like "hands" is used to drag down ships.
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