(download for most detail)

this is jsut lineart... i MIGHT color this.. i might not... feel free to, jsut please accredit me for it

while watching PotC2 i got a crazy image when seeing the breif glimpse of the kraken under water... and... though i;d like a clearer pic, i filled in my own blanks and made my own

now i know the Kraken had two large tenticles, but i made them his tounge instead
i incorperated elements form many different mollusks in the octopus family, such as-
octopus- 8 tentibles
squid- head fin thing
cuddle fish- the skinny slender tentibles

and... kinda a whale shaped head... and contrary to what you may be thinking, the sinlike things on the botom are supposed ot be more similar to horn like appendages

i also created a very peculiar jaw like structure... unlike the realife octopus relative, it has no beak, and it has no tooth ladened sphincter-like mouth... but indeed an actual jaw line with tenticles basically connected at the ends, so when the mouth closes he'd more or less close the tentibles and shoot away...

i like how it turned out with the boney exo-skiliton type encasement and the way the mouth and eye are located... i may not color it... but i will at least do something, even if it's jsut shading it more thouroughly :]

Kraken (c) in part ot me... but mostly mythology :]
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