Mythology - Part IV Picture

All of these were hand-sprited using the NES palette.
So, this is sort of a "mock-up" of sprites that could be used in a game. (maybe called Mythology, I don't know)
So, the mythological creatures I included here are:

The Griffin (EagleXLion)
The Witch (I put a spell on you)
The Cerberus (one of my favorites, actually)
The Kraken (looks like he's on crack, so I hated spriting him)

Statues included here are:
Statue of the Griffin (terrible timing on his landing)
Statue of the Witch (goddamn spells backfiring)
Statue of the Mermaid (a nice man-made piece)
Statue of the Cerberus (even a hell monster is vulnerable)
Statue of the Kraken (I don't know how this one happened)

Each of these mythological creatures have 3 palettes and I chose to show the palettes that I feel best suit them.
You can't use these sprites. I have decided to make this either a game or game concept.

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