Land of Mythology and Beat Picture

Note: Oh my gad there will be SO MUCH TAGGING.

Pre word: I am a Homestuck fan. So I have my own planet. And it's LoMaB. Or, for Polish people, KaMiR [Kraina Mitologii i Rytmu].

Welcome to the Land of Mythology and Beat! The seventh planet of a fansutkc session of me and my friends, which never really started, but the ideas still exist. What you see here is a map of the planet drawn in a very traditional way of Kamir-folk, including most of the species existing on it. Because, while most planets have just consorts and denizens, I have a whole rainbow of creatures all doing their things.
Ah myths.
The planet, to fit them all, ranges in temperature and height. Volcano, desert, plains, a village, forests, rivers, seas, arctic areas, skies and underworld. And in the middle of it all, a giant Clock Tower, ticking once every second, unstoppable, unslowable, eternal.

What creatures are depicted?
Mountains: Dragon, fire salamander, phoenix, harpy, troll, basilisk, wyvern
Deserts: Sphinx
Plains: Crocodile [being the consorts], skeleton, bugbear
Clock Tower: Father Time
Forests: Unicorn, werewolf, white deer, Ladon, faun, manticore
Rivers: Kelpie, chinese dragon, rusalka
Arctic: Amarok
Sea: Leviathan, Kraken, hydra, loch ness monster, mermaid, siren
Underworld: Hellhound, imp, cyclops, Cerberus
Skies: Ghost, Tengu, vampire, Yatagarasu, kirin, roc, pegasus, griffin
Clock Tower: Father Time

The three septagrams [seven-armed stars] symbolize time. Now, where the Mage of Time could appear, hm?

And now, to tag them all.
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