Kraken Picture

This is for the Pokémondaily contest. This is what the contest was about:

Our new contest is PokeMONSTERS. Similar to our myth/fairy tale contest, this month you'll be combining Pokemon with your favourite horror creatures. You can either spoof a famous monster movie (Primape King Kong) or simply draw up a monsterific pokemon (Arcanine werewolf, pikachu zombies, etc). Since February is a shorter month, this contest will be ending in March. Have fun! [link]

I choose to draw a Kraken. Here some info about this monster: [link]
Off course, Octillery was the perfect pokémon to be the kraken. I made this drawing with pencil (HB, 2B and 4B) and added a texture to give it some colour. Here you can find the texture: [link]
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