Java Monster 2013 Picture

In my mythology class we had to create a current myth. This was mine. It was about how the Java Monster was created.


There once was a young woman named Energia. Energia single handedly discovered the recipe for a drink that instantly woke you up if you drank it when you were tired. This drink was much more effective than coffee. Everyone who tried the drink loved it and soon started calling it an "Energy Drink." Little did Energia know there was an ancient roman god named Bacchus that watched and admired her.

Many years after she discovered the rexipe for the energy drink, she met a man that she absolutely fell in love with. This man was actually Bacchus in disguise and after a year of knowing each other they got married. Not long after Bacchus and Egergia got married were they expecting a baby.

Energia had cravings like any other pregnant woman, but she had a particular craving for coffee beans. She had to eat coffee beans every day or else she would get sick and her stomach would cramp. One night when Energia was sleeping, Bacchis went to visit an oracle that still practiced in the way they did in ancient times because he was concerned about this abnormal craving.

The oracle informed him that his child was going to die within a week of being born due to lack of nutritiion. Bacchus didn't take this seriously because he decided he would just stay with Energia to make sure she fed their baby right.

When their baby was botn they named her Java because of Energia's extreme craving for coffee beans during her pregnacy. Two days after Java was born it was obvious she wasn't getting the nutrition she needed because she lost weight. Energia couldn't figure out what she was doing wrong. She fed Java as often as the pediatrition said to.

It was then that Bacchus revealed his true self to Energia. Energia was in shock while Bacchus tried feeding the infant nectar, the drink of the gods. The next day Java had lost even more weight so Bacchis took Java with him to see the oracle again. The oracle told him that his baby needed coffee to survive, but wouldn't always be able to find coffee during her lifetime and would ultimately die.

This distressed Bacchus. That night when Energia was asleep Bacchus took Java to the Factolus river where the magic he once gave Midas still rested. He bathed the baby in the river and returned home.

After that, no matter what the baby was fed the baby got the nutrition she needed. This happened because while Java was in the water, she changed. She absorbed the magic of King Midas. This allowed her to change 50% of whatever liquid she touched into coffee.

Along with this lovesaving power, her pupils were also changed. They looked like a monster ripped her pupils in the shape of an M.

When Java was older she learned that she could use her gift in her mother's business to make money. By turning the Energy drinks into 50% coffee, Java created what came to be known as the Java Monster. The drink was named after what her classmated had called her as a child because her eyes were different: Java the Monster.
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