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This is a concept for a company called MidusPrint. I dont think it will fit in with the theme they are looking for, but i just wanted to play around with the idea of Midus (or Midas) and the greek mythology which surrounds him.

If you don't know the story, here is a brief story of what it is. Number one coz i like the story and its got a good moral, and number two, im bored and i feel like writing, haha.
King midus was a very kind man who ruled his kingdom fairly, but he was not one to think about what he said. While walking in his garden, he sees an elderly asleep in the flowers. King Midus took pity on the man, and let him free without punishment. The god Dionysus heard about this, and decided to reward hte king with one wish. The king wished for everything he touvhed to turn to gold... as i said he doesnt think about what hes saying, Dionysus gramted this wish, and from then on everything he touched turned to gold; the flowers as he walked, the furniture he sat upon, even his food at the dinner table. Eventually, everything in his kingdom was golden, even his daughter, who he had lovingly touched. Anyway to put a long story short, he went to see the god Dionysus, and pleaded with him to turn everything back to normal, and being a kind god, he took pity upon king Midus and turned everything back. King Midus was poorer than before, but felt richer than he'd ever been in his life.

(((Sorry if theres any spelling mistakes and such, im a crappy writer)))
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