Acrophobic Picture

So corvestus and I watch OUAT, and she suggested making OCs for it, so why the heck not?

I chose Icarus as my OC (and for those of you who will claim he's not a fairy tale character I'll have you know they put King Midas in OUAT), and in the fairy tale world, I twisted his backstory (like all the characters in OUAT). In my version, Icarus and his father (Daedalus) had legit wings, and they were flying over the ocean like in the original Greek myth. But in this version, Daedalus was actually the one to die; he fell into the ocean due to exhaustion with his wings, and drowned. Icarus, however, managed to press on and survive, but had become acrophobic, and is now scared of heights, planes, and flying.
In Storybrooke Icarus kept his fear of heights/planes and flying, and his name changed to Nick. He's also an emo/depressed teenager because he can't find his father and, although since his memory was wiped like everyone else, he feels lonely without Daedalus, as if a piece of him is missing. So in Storybrooke he's looking for his dad, although isn't too sure why, it's mostly done on impulse.
I don't have much more information on him, but I'll bet I'll come up with more.
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