Prince Panos Picture

I would've made the book part gold if I could've but I couldn't
-Prince Panos-
-Son of King Midas-

Parent's Story: King Midas and the golden touch
Age: 16
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Birthday: July 8th
Star Sign: Cancer
Division: Royal

I guess I have to...Well better start at the beginning.
Back when my father was afflicted with the golden touch, he accidentally touched me. I don't quite remember what happened next, I felt warm and everything went black. After...I'm not sure how long, everything was back to normal, but I was wet. Well I thought I was normal. That night when I was getting ready for bed, I accidentally turned my bath water to gold, which was awful to get out of.
Anyways that was way back then. Now I've gotten used to such things happening. Though I do wish to get rid of this ability.
Turning my friends to gold, and having people only like me for this ability is quite bothersome.

Interview Questions:

What is your heart's desire?
To have friends....I have no idea why but people seem to think if I touch them they'll turn to gold!

What "Magic Touch" makes you special?
Sometimes I turn things to gold. I can't really control it, it just happens, but I have taken precautions so it doesn't happen as often.

Does anything make you shout "Oh Curses!"?
My father turned me to gold by accident when he was afflicted with the curse. That has greatly affected my physical appearance. As well as the fact I can sometimes "do the thing" aswell.

What's your storybook status?
Single, and, like the loser I am, I'm a "love at first sight" kind of guy who will start crying if you don't like him back. As previously stated I'm a loser.

What's your favorite subject at school?
Mythology 101

What about your least favorite subject?
Crownculus. Math isn't my strong suit.

Who are your best friends 'till the end?

Additional Info:
-He wears gloves that go up to his bicep to prevent 'golding' anything or anyone
-He refers to turning things to gold as 'golding them'
-Everything he touches becomes gold

-full body ref

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