Plague doctor Picture

Actually I wasn't sure if I wanted to post it in my main gallery or into my scrabs.
Finally I decided that I think it's worth to be in the main.
It's a fragment of a larger picture, but I haven't colored the rest yet and I'm not sure if I ever will. It's made to illustrate Csins newest disguise. V_V

The title comes from something that I read from M. J. Eisens ''Estonian mythology'':

Prof. H. Koppel gives a different explanation to the cynocephalis: he says that the myth might have originated from ancient doctors*. In old times, when contageous diseases broke out, they sent out doctors to gather the ill and the dead. When plague broke out those doctors took away all that they found from houses to destroy the seeds of plague or some other horrible sickness. They took some humans with them to quarantine. Those doctors wore, as can be seen on some old pictures, rather peculiar costumes: masks, that sometimes looked quite frightening, in front of their faces. Some masks even had a huge glass eye on forehead; often those doctors carried long spikes or sticks. With those they brought items that had been in contact with the ill ones out of the house.

doctor* - I think english language has no exact word for ''sanitar''. If one says ,,doctor'' then they picture an educated man who has completed university and reads a lot. I'm not sure how to translate ,,sanitar'' other than ,,doctor''... I think ,,sanitar'' is more the kind of person who eliminates diseases than the kind of person who cures them. For example wolves are called ,,metsasanitarid'' (mets = forest) because they kill the old and weak animals, keeping the rest of the population healthy. So I guess the more descriptive words for them would be ,,cleaners'' but that doesn't sound honourable enouch.

Pealkiri tuleb lõigust, mida ma lugesin M. K. Eiseni ,,Eesti mütoloogiast'':

Prof. H. Koppel annab koerakoonlaste kohta isesuguse seletuse: nimelt et need vanaaegsetest sanitaridest alguse saanud. Külgehakkavate tõbede puhul saadeti vanal ajal sanitarid, tohtrid välja, kes haigeid ehk surnuid pidid ära koristama. Katku ajal võtsid need sanitarid kõik ära, mis majadest eest leidsid, et sedaviisi katku ehk muu kardetava tõve idusid hävitada. Osa inimesi viisid nad karantiini kaasa. Need sanitarid esinesid, nagu mitmed vanad pildid veel näitavad, iseäralikus ülikonnas: näokatted, mõnikord õige koledad, näo ees, mõnel näokattel koguni suur klaassilm ees; sagedasti kandsid need sanitarid suuri orasid ehk keppisid käes. Nende abil tõid nad tõbistega ühenduses olnud asjad majast välja.

I guess from now on Csin introduces himself as a plague doctor, no matter that most roleplay-worlds probably haven't had serious plagues in centuries. I can perfectly imagine him knocking on the door of some distant farm or village house and being all like ,,The plague is coming. The king ordered me that I must take all of your food, money and furniture now, ktnxbye!''

*blink* Long description for such a small picture...
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