turns me to gold in the sunlight Picture

Midas is King.

Florence and the Machine-inspired again. that particular lyric from Rabbit Heart hooked me.

Note: definitely not his daughter here. also, i know he's supposed to be Phrygian, but I wasn't feeling the Phrygian cap so I leaned a bit more toward Scythian crowns that I've seen. and i originally wasn't going to, but ended up sneaking in a reference to lionheartedness.

another FatM-inspired work here: [link]

Ipad, fingerpainting, sketchclub. the biggest handicap, I'm coming to learn, is not being able to see the exact point on the screen because a fingertip obscures way more than a pencil/brush/stylus.

I also had a really terrible time with the feet, trying to be anatomically correct without references--because there are some things I really don't want to google for.

Please do not repost my art without permission or without notifying me.
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