The Midas Touch Picture

Model: Morgen.
Paint: Me.

The story of King Midas is a sad one. He was a greedy King with a lust for riches and gold ruling his kingdom with a single daugter at his side. His wish that everything he touched would turn to pure gold was granted by a wise genie.

But little did he understand the consequences of that wish. Soon he was starving; the food he touched would turn to gold. He was tired; the bed he tried to sleep in would turn to gold. He was thirsty; his wines would turn to gold as soon as his lips touched the glass. Even the clothes he wore upon his back would turn to gold.

Unhappy, the King sought his beautiful daughter the princess. But when he stretched out his hands to take her into his arms, she too turned to gold. Forever a golden statue frozen in time as she reached to hug her father.

And in this way, King Midas withered away with his golden touch and sorrow; for everything he touched was ruined.
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