Zeus Dio Aperantos - Zeus XIII Picture

Part of the XIII generation of the avatars of the gods, Zeus is the thirteenth incarnation and descendant of the Greek god Zeus. He's the younger brother to Zeus Aperantos but the older brother to Hades Erebus Arcanus (formerly Hades Aperantos).

He's closer and best friends with Odinn and his brother Poseidon, as well as his other siblings, but doesn't care for Hades much at all.

While still in high school with his siblings, as a member of their Royal Olympian Family and Empire, he's also quite boxer and wrestler, as well as an electrical and mechanical engineer. Aside from that, he's also is known to be admired by many women in his age range as well as older because of his brains, beauty, and brawn (along with the fact, he's known to "get around").

At the start of his Coming of Eon (parallel to Coming of Age), the Greek god Zeus gave his descendant bundle of lightning bolts that he personally "marinated and brewed" within his heart and with his hands as a gift upon learning that Zeus XIII would be born. Upon receiving them, Zeus XIII forged them into a pair of boxing gloves-gauntlets called Deus Ex Machinas (pictured).

They are made with a special metallic alloy (made of alloy composed of Inconel, Tungsten, Titanium and Magnesium) with ancient technology known and learned exclusively to Twelve Olympian Gods (which, strangely enough, the Greek god Hades and his Hades XIII know of the exact same technology via the Titan gods). His Deus Ex Machina are semi sentient and allows him to reflect, absorb, and control lightning as well as nearby technology.

Using some of other lightning bolts (but saving much of the rest), he forged swords known as Deus Ex Ouranos (God of the Heavens), which oddly respects a bolt of lightning striking down in motion. While possessing the same abilities as the Deus Ex Machinas, the sword allows him to also control electrical and lightning based sources (going as far as the electrons and electrical currents within his body).
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