Juturna Picture

I'm in two minds about this. It's my second attempt at the same scene, and I definitely like this one better, but this one is still a bit... eh.

'Tantum effata caput glauco contexit amictu
multa gemens et se fluvio dea condidit alto.'

...Now can I actually remember what that means?
'Saying only this, she she wrapped her grayish-blue cloak around her head and, groaning a lot, the Goddess buried herself in the deep river'.

The Wikipedia page is a bit sparce, so - Juturna was originally a mortal, but she was raped by Jupiter, and to make up for this he made her a river nymph, making her immortal.
Her brother is fighting Aeneas, and she does everything she can to make sure he survives, but at this point she's been sent an omen telling her that he's going to die. Which is what's meant to be going on in the background - the omen is an owl which attacks him.
...I didn't meant for it to look red.
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