Yamazaki Hanako Picture

TeniPuri OC from my fanfic series and story "Imperial Flowers: Seasons of Chances and Love". She will be paired with the data man of Seigaku, Inui Sadaharu. You can read that in fanfiction.net if you have time.

Here are some info about Hanako (warning! Contains spoilers from the future fic "Imperial Flowers: Miracle's Dream-Colored Gift" to be posted):

Name: Yamazaki Hanako
Age: 15-16 (in “Imperial Flowers: Seasons of Chances and Love")
School: Seishun Gakuen (High School Division)
Tennis Style: Aggressive baseliner
Birthday: November 28
Relatives: Yamazaki Haru (father), Yamazaki Mizue (mother), Hirazawa Atsushi (cousin), Yamazaki Yukiji (younger sister)
Nicknames: Iron Hammer Countess, Jovian Column, Front Aggressor, Daughters of Saturn (when paired with Kazumi), Herculean Lion, Black Thunder of the Four Heavens

--She has the habit of fixing her friends’ hair, especially those long ones like that of Sakuno and Kazumi. Well, most of the regulars of the girls’ tennis team has long hair so during formal occasions, she was the one who fixed them and make them unrecognizable because of their new hairstyle.

--She was given the nickname "Jovian Column" upon her ingression as a regular of the Girls' Tennis Team. It was her individual nickname as part of her and her friends' group name "The Five Columns/Pillars of Seigaku". Her title used the Roman god of thunder and king of the Roman Gods Jupiter, whose other name was called "Jove". It is possible that Captain Hirota Asami didn't only use mythology as a basis of conjuring Hanako's title but also her other nickname that Vice-Captain Shiraoka Ginga gave—“Black Thunder of the Four Heavens"—as another reference since Jupiter is the god of sky and of thunder.

--Her second sport was karate, one that she also excelled in. Her karate rival since elementary had always been Aika. She was a national champion during her fifth grade while Aika was a champion during 4th and 6th grade. In middle school and high school, she only practices karate as a hobby since her focus was already on tennis.

--Among the Five Columns, Captain Hirota Asami ranked her as the second strongest player next to Aika.

--She is physically the strongest among the team due to her expertise in karate. Her strongest attacks are the back kick and the side kick.

--She had been friends with Inui ever since first grade. She also later became friends with Yanagi and she acted as their bodyguards whenever someone bullies them. Only she had a constant communication with Yanagi due to the fact that Kana usually takes them to vacation in the Shinjou vacation house in Kanagawa during summer and winter.

--She is the only aggressive baseliner among the team (upon reaching third year high school and becoming appointed the vice captain of the team), just like her sister Yukiji.

--If Kazumi plays the piano and Miyako sings, only her friends knew the fact that she also plays a musical instrument. Her focus, however, wasn't actually something classical but her focus is on modern music. She plays the drums.

-- Her favorite subject is PE, Music, and Home Economics.

--Her least favorite subject is Arts.

--Her favorite food is yakisoba and chocolate ship cookies.

--Her favorite color is green and sea blue.

--She loved watching romance movies, especially those sappy ones but for some weird reasons, she never cried to those sad parts.

--She loved reading detective stories. In fact, she had a collection of "Night Baron" series and "Female High School Detective: Yuki’s Casebook" by Kudou Yuusaku (from Detective Conan) and also Sherlock Holmes series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

--She discovered Miyako and Kana’s real family duties as members of the Knights of the Sky by accident. She was the second person to know the truth.
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