Summanus Picture

A wolf character of mine that I have been wanting to use for a while. I haven't found any good literate wolf role plays at all, and I've been wanting to use this fellow for a while.

Little background story for you all:

~He is a dark grey wolf with a much lighter patch of fur around his left eye, a slightly lighter shade of his dark gray coat around the backs of his ears. On the back center of each ear is a white spot, much like a tiger's.

The scar on his face was given to him during a ritual hunt, a hunt in which they believe that the wolven gods send a spirit animal every year to them to hunt, mostly an animal with a gift none others have. They have once again chosen to chase after the supposedly ancient White Stag of Catahecassa, a creature who has eluded all wolves since the dawn of the hunt, since they knew of no other animal with a gift for that year. During the hunt, as they cornered the white stag with fifteen great points, Summanus was struck by one of the great points as he went for the throat. He is not entirely blind, however, but his golden brown eye has become pale and his pupil has become as white as the stag's coat.

He is believed to have been blessed by Catahecassa for putting up a fight, and now the wolves believe that when they meet Catahecassa again, only Summanus should be the one to kill the white stag and please the wolven gods.


THIS PICTURE TOOK A LONG TIME TO DO. Yes, I did doodle on it now and again, but I had to look at a LOT of pictures of wolves, and somehow manage to get my crazy dog to sit still. She's too black in a photograph to look at her nose, so I gave up on holding her still and just searched wolf portraits on DA. Thanks to all you Deviants who draw amazing wolves!
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