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Though none of Russiac's civilizations truly grasped the planet's pantheon until Erar's world-famous tour of the gods, Renbaku and Hyperion both appear in many mythologies. The reason for this is unknown, as both are not from the planet at all.

Baron van Hyperion is the enemy of Count Renbaku and is the God of Insomnia. For eons, Baron van Hyperion has wished he could sleep but never could. So in anger he follows Renbaku on the tapir's daily consciousness vacuuming. Every now and then, Hyperion will jump out and delay Renbaku--this is why it may take you a long time to get to sleep! Sometimes Renbaku will be tired and cannot do battle with Hyperion. When this happens, Renbaku has no choice but to pass on the particular guarded consciousness and that person is unfortunately visited by Hyperion. Ever felt tired but just can't get to sleep? Hyperion probably is possessing your consciousness. It can be a very scary process.

Let's say you are going to have insomnia. First you will hear some strange sound, but will be unable to figure out what it is. You go to find out, and when you get back this tapir is standing on your bedframe. You bolt, but he pins you down. His proboscis connects nostrils with your nose and you feel a suction. Then suddenly the tapir vanishes.

What just happened? You have been infected with insomnia for the night. Hyperion's proboscis has a weaker suction than Renbaku's, so he must contact the nose to get at a person's consciousness. Hyperion believes that if enough people get insomnia, he will have a good night's sleep.

Insomniacs are people visited by Hyperion on a daily basis. Extended use of sleeping pills or other methods to counteract Hyperion's poison, however, can have dreadful consequences. If this goes on for five years, the insomniac will undergo a painful transformation into an ordinary tapir.

Hyperion lives in his castle on an island in Luna's Ocean of Hyperion. Like a cartoon's starring bad guy, in his spare time Hyperion is always up to something sinister involving the Land of Dreams. He's always figuring out new ways to sneak into the Land of Dreams. Bad guys in nightmares are typically incarnations of Hyperion.

If you haven't noticed, "Hyperion," though pronounced like Jupiter's moon, is a literary pun on "Hyperactive."

Baron van Hyperion, Count Renbaku (c) 2008 Me
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