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i was doing them one at a time but it just took so long and it didn't show anything of their personalities and i--i'm just going to do them all here now okay

here are the bios (too lazy to change the first two so skip 'em)

Mercury (see: short angry guy with the red sash on the left) is a non-binary Planet characterized by their ability to talk shit and not take a hit at all--they're just that lucky. The first planet from the Sun, it shows in their personality; they are, in short, a little snob, and are under the impression that they can get away with anything as long as they can go crying to the Headmaster for protection. (If they ever actually suffered a consequence for their actions, it's doubtful that they would be able to handle it. What a sore loser.) However, beneath the bravado, Mercury has the potential to be quite powerful, if only they could take their head out of their ass long enough to point that brilliance in the right direction. Until they do--oh well. Keep on being a brat. See how long you get attention for, Mercury.

Venus (see: orange angry sweatshirt lady) is a female Planet who can best be described as modest. Contrary to her mythological depiction as Aphrodite, she is not at all obsessed with her beauty... but everyone else is! Unfortunately, her charms only attract men, and they aren't really her area--so she often tries to dull down her appearance with corny-graphic sweatshirts, as seen above. (It doesn't help.) Oh, and she likes sea puns! Who wouldn't? She's tremendously kind, and very forgiving... but don't let hurt feelings simmer too long, or you might see her blow up!

Earth (see: up front, holding the Earth) is a female Planet who fills the "teacher's pet" role of the classroom; she's ambitious, intelligent, nerdy, and a complete suck-up to the Headmaster. As such, she's further ahead in her studies than anyone, which may lead to her success in the GAIIA Program... assuming she plays her cards right.

Mars (see: angry floaty mcRapidash) is a female Planet with the worst feud against Mercury of anyone in the group (at least, as far as they can tell!) She fights with them constantly, and, in fact, will fight with anyone who crosses her path at a bad time. Bit of a short fuse! But she's up-front and honest about her emotions, and can always be trusted to tell the truth. She is close to Jupiter, both relationship- and distance-wise.

Jupiter (see: Florbhair the Hammer Man) is a male Planet who serves as a sort of "big brother" to the group. He is strict but fair, and seeks to keep the peace among his fellows--he's the sort to stick up for the little guys,. Although, everyone's a little guy to Jupiter, so maybe that stands to reason. Anyways, he's all bark but (mostly) no bite, so don't worry too much about getting the ban-hammer--just don't break any school rules.

Saturn (see: snickering genderbent Hoopa) is a female Planet who can best be described as "the positive one." She, like Mars, is close with Jupiter, and balances his heavy reliance on logic by providing an emotional perspective to his decisions. They compete, friendlily. Though she tends to be generous and kind, her feelings on Mars are... unspoken.

Uranus (see: Tiny Nipples Blue Man) is a male Planet who might as well have turned blue from Viagra overdose, because sex is the only thing he ever has on the brain. He is Venus' (rather unfortunate) brother, and carries her inherent virtues... without the charm to go with. As such, most people see him as a pervert at best, and at worst, someone who needs a sharp crack to the skull from time to time. The only one who appears to tolerate him at all is Neptune, although Neptune's unwillingness to empathize with anybody probably gives away why he doesn't care if he makes friends with a pseudo-offender.

Neptune (see: Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way in a ski jacket) is a male planet whose cold exterior... well, that's about it, really. No one in class knows much about him, other than the fact that he's at the school to learn and not make friends. Perhaps someone will melt his frozen heart?

Pluto (see: that unwanted wingman who always tries to set you up with your best friend's wife when he's drunk, but legit does not remember that shit in the morning) is just hanging around. He's not really a planet. Why would we invite him? Why does he even attend? No one cares what your grades were at the Kuiper Academy, Pluto, you're never going to be one of the cool kids.

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